Nike has helped me a great deal. I’ve always had issues with self-esteem and I found that this was holding me back from achieving my full potential in my career. Nike’s particular skill is in getting to the roots of the problem quickly, which means that the positive effects of her coaching can begin almost immediately. In my case, I had been struggling to work at all; one Skype coaching session dramatically transformed my way of thinking and gave me the tools I needed to change the way I viewed my past achievements, freeing me to be productive once more. I would highly recommend Nike’s coaching to anyone who feels they are not reaching their goals; she is undoubtedly the best coach I have ever worked with.
Elizabeth Haynes

Best Selling Author , Elizabeth Haynes

I have always viewed myself as ‘adaptable’ and not much of a planner. When I started to work with Nike, she made me realise that having goals and a plan wasn’t in opposition to my worldview but instead, brought a new level of focus on what I want. This realisation, in turn, has enabled me to make progress in all aspects of my life where I never thought it possible!
Paul Brown

Business Owner, Rokket Digital

I found out about Nike from a colleague who had worked with Nike Lawal at Mindsight Coaching (UK). My colleague was based in St Louis, USA and worked with Nike remotely. She had seen such a huge change in her life because of Nike and couldn’t wait to share that experience with me.

Nike has helped me discover so much about myself. From understanding the root of my insecurities, to how to be more confident and believe in myself and all the beauty that life can offer. Simply put, she provided me with the tools I need to live better, no matter how I choose to live my life. But the most important lesson I learned from Nike is where to go to the answers I need. And with that knowledge, I can face anything.

As a result of my work with Because of Nike, I don’t second guess myself. I know how to quiet the voice of doubt and move forward with setting and accomplishing big goals that I previously was too afraid to reach for. Nike revived my spirit, plain and simple and I could never thank her enough for the impact she has had on my life!

Aries Tilliman

Business Manager, ALG Reserve

If you are an individual or organisation seeking coaching or facilitation support then I thoroughly recommend getting in touch with Nike to see how she might help you.

She has a unique fusion of authenticity, pragmatism, fun and a knack for leaving no stone unturned! I have seen her blend empathy and challenge to tackle sensitive and stubborn issues; yet always finds and encourages strengths, helping clients to build their confidence and take on change. Worth talking to…

Sue Reynolds

HR Lead, Internal Medicine, International Developed Markets , Pfizer

Nike is a very talented coach and a wonderful person, she really cares about people. She is an inspiration and helps people understand what is important by drawing out inner feelings and making people understand the importance of following what they really believe in, even if they don’t know that they believe it yet ! She does this through great listening, really great listening, and getting you to ask the tough questions of yourself that you never have time to ask.

She creates a sense of ownership which is very uplifting and guides people on a journey with adept use of tools which enable you to explore new areas. Nike was always available and well prepared for our sessions, giving me a feeling that progress would be made at each session. It was a pleasure to work with Nike.

Paul Higginson

Owner, Torm Premium Cycling Clothing

One of the best choices I have ever made was to see Nike and free myself from all the doubt, control and stresses that we can all have. I wouldn’t be where I am now both professionally and personally without her expertise. I saw Nike some 4 years or so ago and have since recommended her to several friends who she has helped.
Nicola Spean

Owner, Stour Crossfit

Nike was highly recommended to me by someone whose judgement I value and trust. Working with Nike has enabled me to feel more fulfilled in my business and personal life. I am more assertive, I have clear goals and the security of knowing that I have Nike’s expertise to guide me and hold me accountable for achieving the business and personal outcomes I set for myself.
Alex Brown

Best Selling and Award Winning Author, Alex Brown

I have worked with Nike as my coach before and so when I wanted to start my own business, I knew she was the right person to help me do it.

Nike helped me to get clear on what it actually was that I wanted – to run my own business. Afterwards, she helped me to create a plan with actionable goals, helping me tap into my strengths to build a business that was aligned with who I am.

Above all, Nike gave me the confidence to get started on something I had been thinking about for a long time. She helped me translate my dreams into something that was actionable, with lots of small goals that made a big difference.

Within around 6 months, I quit my job to run my business full time – I never thought it would happen this quickly and I’m thrilled that Nike gave me the initial nudge that I needed and continued to keep me on the right track throughout the journey.

Sarah Davis

Marketing and Social Media Specialist, Sarah Davies Marketing Strategy

Nike is an outstanding coach, using a broad coaching methodology to facilitate the thinking process. As my supervisor she helped me a lot to solve a very difficult and significant situation and helped me to define my next career steps through continuous coaching. She is also a great human being with a very high emotional intelligence, I strongly recommend Nike Lawal as a coach for both in business and private life.
Carolin Pelk

Global HR Business Partner Consumer Health , Bayer

I have worked with Nike both in her coaching and HR advisory capacity. She is exceptional at both. Insightful, challenging, pragmatic and inspiring. Through Nike’s coaching I was enabled to take on larger tasks and alternative opportunities.

In her HR advisory role, she has a great ability to challenge teams to take accountability for their remit, address their strengths and gaps and grow in effectiveness. Nike’s strong guiding principles of integrity, taking personal ownership and displaying transparent leadership underwrite her work. I have really enjoyed working with Nike, and learned a huge amount.

Charlotte Allerton

Head of Medicine Design, Pfizer

Nike has provided coaching to me on approaches to work challenges. Nike’s approach to coaching is to help you understand what is driving you to a particular course of action and to support you in identifying other approaches that are available, to understand the risks of trying a different approach and to develop actions based on business need.

Hearing and understanding this coaching can be difficult as many approaches are taken based on preference and what has been successful and satisfying in the past. In circumstances where these approaches are not optimal it is hard to risk a different approach. By careful questioning Nike coaches to enable you to see the options, the risks, and why you feel reluctance to change. Thus giving you the option to be more effective by having a greater range approaches to use when influencing others.

Dawn Jarvis

Vice President , Alynam (Europe and Canada)

Nike is an outstanding colleague and a genuine friend. She listens and advises. She suggests and she encourages. She enthuses and she informs. I have learned more in my discussions with Nike than I have with anyone else. I always leave our conversations emboldened and better prepared. Ready to act. Ready personally and ready professionally. Nike is an ally. Nike is an inspiration.
Steve Street

VP and General Manager of Early Development , Covance Laboratories

I cannot put into words how much Nike has helped me. I first contacted Nike a few months ago when I was in a very dark place: complete lack of confidence was overwhelming me. From the very first session I felt such a tremendous difference in my life.

Nike is such an amazing person, with an amazing ability to guide you to where you want to be in your life.

The sessions were tailored to exactly what I needed, and within a couple of months I felt like me again, but an even happier version. My life has changed completely, I’m doing things in my business and life generally, I never believed I was capable of and I will be eternally grateful to Nike.

Alison Harrop

Business Owner