BeyondHR Coaching Academy is for you if you want to Get Confident, Get Clients and Gain Freedom.


Join me for live coaching, online training, accountabilitly and more.

who this is for

This programme is for you if are an HR Professional wanting to launch or grow your own successful coaching practice.

It will enable you to:


  • Stop sabotaging yourself, and gain confidence and belief in yourself as a
    coach/business owner, by challenging your self limiting beliefs so you show
    up with presence and stand out as the best choice.
  • Get clear about who you are, and who you want to work with, so that you
    target and attract a steady supply of people who want to work with someone
    like you.
  • Develop a high impact/high value programme that leverages your unique
    talents and interests, and is attractive to the people you most want to work
  •  Engage your ideal audience with effective testimonials and referrals so that
    you become know, liked and trusted and your prospective clients come to you.
  • Delegate aspects of your business so that you can focus on doing the work that creates success for you and your clients.
  • Convert potential clients into paying customers.
  • Attract and enrol new clients efficiently and effectively instead of doing ‘busy
    work’ you can focus on core activities, generating income, and gaining

“The truth is you may be an excellent coach….but honestly that‘s not going to be enough.  You have to work in and on your business – and you have to work on you!”

How will it help?


BeyondHR Coaches Academy will help you to be one of the few coaches who creates a successful, sustainable and profitable business.

You will learn to get clear on your message, attract your ideal clients and to delegate the work that doesn’t bring you joy. 

BeyondHR Coaching Academy empowers HR Professionals who have trained as coaches to believe in themselves, identify their unique talents and strengths; and build strong coaching practices

BeyondHR Coaches Academy is for you if you want to launch or grow your own coaching practice and a build confident mindset to take the action needed to succeed.

BeyondHR Coaching Academy empowers HR Professionals who have trained as coaches to believe in themselves, identify their unique talents and strengths; and build strong coaching practices

BeyondHR Coaching Academy is for you if you want to Get confident, Get Clients and Gain freedom.

What's Included?

You will get:

• A half day 1:1 strategy coaching session
• A one day Vision Board Workshop
• Two laser coaching calls every month
• Weekly group accountability calls to ensure that you achieve your goals
• Expert advice and support to build your marketing strategy
• Discounts from services and those of chosen partners

All the Details:

The truth is, most coaches are not successful at creating a sustainable business

The one thing that really concerns me is that coaching training providers rarely give their participants sufficient skills to stand out, to get clients and earn enough money to survive and thrive as a coach.

They also don’t sufficiently understand the needs of their trainee coaches (particularly the inner work that needs to be done) or the skills or the backgrounds of their trainees to be able to build the confidence launch a successful business. They fail to give them the knowledge, skills and support to fulfil their coaching business goals and dreams.

As a result there are too many HR professionals who are amazing coaches, who have spent a fortune training and qualifying; believing that great coaching skills are all they need. No-one ever tells them how to really get clients – and without paying clients they have nothing.  What happens in reality is that they very soon discover that they are struggling to get clients: not making enough money to live. They assume that it’s because they are not good enough and/or the market is saturated: They start to believe it’s impossible to be successful as a coach: and all to often they give up. And it’s not true! There is plenty of work out there, plenty of people who need what they have to offer.

So, if you have given up your HR job in the hope of making a living as a coach or are thinking about it, you need to know that the likelihood is that, without this business creation knowledge, you will soon run out of money and eventually give up on your dream – your investment in training as a coach will be wasted and any nest egg you had will be vanish in a short space of time. The vast majority of coaches return to being paid employees full-time with little to show for their investment because they don’t know attract, enrol and convert clients and/or are unable to get past their self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

HR Professionals make some of the best coaches.

The HR Coaches Academy gets to the heart of issues and challenges facing HR Professionals so that they launch a successful coaching practice, and make an impact. I know about HR people and I know that really good HR Professionals make some of the best coaches. They already have many skills that they can leverage that puts them at a great advantage. I am and HR Professional with 30 years’ experience in industry and including 10 years’ experience running a 6 figure coaching and coaching training business.

I specialise in helping HR Professionals who have decided to become a coach to research and connect with their ideal audience in a way that is very powerful, and builds trust, deliver a programme that is designed to help HR professional to accelerate their transition into running their own coaching business: helping them to get clients consistently and generate an income that creates freedom and independence.

I empower HR professionals to believe in themselves and their abilities to build strong coaching practices. I coach and mentor them to leverage their confidence, knowledge, skills and experience to make an impact: design, build sell and deliver successful coaching and training programs. My clients are empowered to design, build and deliver successful business and life coaching, and training to private and corporate clients.