Who is behind Mindsight and Beyond? Take a seat and let me share a little of my journey.

About Me

I’m Nike (pronounced Niki) a fully qualified and insured qualified Coach.

I initially trained and qualified as a coach in 2005 with the CIPD and Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring in support of a passion to help the leaders and teams I worked with fulfill their full potential.

I got into coaching by accident really. So I want to start off by telling you a short story about how I came into coaching (some of you will have heard this before).

It was by accident really…..

I started off life after graduating, as an HR advisor (that’s what I really wanted to do then) working in local government charities, then the oil industry and then pharmaceuticals. Having worked in HR for nearly 20 years in in HR in about 2004 (4 years into working with Pfizer) a line appeared on my job description …..”To coach managers and leaders”

And my first thoughts were….”do I know how to do that” I had spent my whole career guiding managers through policies processes and procedures but I wasn’t sure and really didn’t think that was ‘coaching’. It might have been what Pfizer meant but I wanted to ensure I could do whatever ‘coaching’ meant.

So I invested explored this and found my knowledge and skills ‘wanting’ I decided to invest in training and development as a coach – with the help of Pfizer.

And I loved it!

Thankfully there were lots of willing early volunteers.. Many of those have caught the bug and gone on to develop in various ways as coaches: are actively coaching within Pfizer and other organisations now, and have remained in contact with me (re-engaging me as a Coach from time to time for themselves, their teams and direct reports).

I made it my business to coach as many leaders and colleagues as possible. So alongside my role as an HR Manager and then HR Director I became an internal coach. I guess it must have been of value because many of those initial volunteers went on to refer colleagues to me, and some have been repeated clients during times of change – sometimes self-funded.

Anyway, pretty soon I knew this was what I wanted to do. I am now a full-time Transformational Coach, Accredited MasterCoach, Accredited Emotional and Social Intelligence Coach with the Korn Ferry Hay group; and a qualified Therapist. I also train managers and leaders to coach; and mentor and coach HR Professionals to launch and build their own successful coaching practices; and am invited to speak in the UK and internationally on leadership challenges.

I’ve been coaching now for over 10 years, working with a range of private and public sectors organisations (including Pfizer, the NHS, Vertex, Alynam, CIPFA, East Kent College, and individuals privately including some of the UKs Best Selling Authors. I am passionate about helping people and organisations to thrive and flourish. You can read more about my client’s experience of working with me here.

I work with people 1:1 and in groups who are prepared to do something to achieve what they want. I work with people who are ready for change – they are probably sick and tired of being sick and tired of their current situation. I have the privilege to walk alongside my clients through their journey providing the tools and opportunities for reflection, learning, growth. So if you are really committed to making changes in your life, in your teams or in your business (even if you don’t know precisely what or how) I would love to help you with that.

My Experience

I specialise in working with business leaders to develop greater Emotional and Social Intelligence, so that they can: manage themselves and their relationships more effectively; identify and implement opportunities to bring significant value to their businesses through their people; their people practices; and not least their own self-awareness, self-management.

I have over 25 years’ experience as a Human Resources Leader, working with senior leaders, within the public sector and blue-chip companies (including the oil industry, financial services and big Pharma); plus 10 experience years running my own successful coaching and development company.

Hours of coaching



What We Do Best

Managing Anxiety for Leaders

Enable high achieving/high potential leaders who experience the ‘Imposter Syndrome’ to manage their internal dialogue and self-limiting beliefs so that they can lead with confidence and ease, actually enjoy it.

Training Others to Coach

Training HR Professionals, line managers and leaders to develop effective coaching skills so that are able to maximise their performance and the performance of their teams.

Developing High Potential Leaders

Developing emotional and social intelligence of high potential employees/leaders: enabling them bring out the best n themselves and others. Emotional Intelligence is usually  what separates the outstanding performer/leader from the average one.

Business Development for HR Coaches

Empower and develop HR Professionals to launch successful external or internal coaching practices, and gain freedom, by building their confidence, and the ability to leverage their unique talents to deliver high impact, high value programs that meet their ideal clients most critical needs.

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